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HyprViz Body Geometry Grail Long Finger Gloves

Now with a full a hyper visibility color treatment that increases your visibility to motorists around the clock, our Body Geometry Grail Long Finger Gloves are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested for the best possible fit and protection.
Featuring an exclusive pad system designed by Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D., they’re scientifically tested to help reduce hand numbness by improving circulation and equalizing pressure in the soft tissues of the hand.
Even further, you’ll find a durable synthetic leather palm, breathable mesh at the top of the hand, and our acclaimed Equalizer™ gel padding at the palm.


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Hyper Green and Black artwork is paired with Reflective elements to helps increase visibility to motorists 24-hours a day.

Clarino synthetic leather palm provides durability without sacrificing bar-feel.

Body Geometry Equalizer™ pad was developed by Dr. Kyle Bickel M.D. to fill the recesses of the palm in order to create an even surface over the hand. This comes with the positive result of unrestricted blood flow, which will greatly reduce numbness and tremendously enhance overall comfort.

Tapered, slip-on cuff gives you a clean, sharp, and minimalistic construction for unrestricted comfort.

Breathable mesh upper is soft, comfortable, and made from high-stretch materials.

Soft and absorbent Microwipe™ thumb brushes away sweat with ease.

Compatible with conductive touchscreens.

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